JuicyAds Provides Carrier/Operator Targeting for Mobile Traffic

MONTREAL — “Sexy ad network” JuicyAds is now giving traffic buyers the opportunity to target their mobile traffic to specific mobile carriers, and is extending these new parameters to cover all forms of mobile traffic buys.

“Our clients have been aware that we have been investing a significant amount of time and resources into developing the most powerful and all-encompassing mobile solution possible for them and their patience has paid off,” said Chris Daily, CEO of JuicyAds.com. “We are thrilled to unveil the most comprehensive carrier targeting possible across all kinds of mobile ad buys on our platform.”

Buyers can target and monetize in Indonesia, Malaysia and most of Europe with more countries being unveiled in the coming weeks, Daily said.

All European Union countries are currently carrier eligible and in the coming days JuicyAds will be adding more countries to the list of targets traffic buyers can monetize on a per-carrier basis.

Ads can still be purchased on a run of network basis over all carriers, but clients who see improved results with specific offers on individual carriers or sets of carriers can earn better ROI.

JuicyAds reports in a release that is “always ready to prioritize development time to enable valuable options as quickly as possible.”