Part 2 of CockyBoys' 'Ascension of the Lamb' Now Playing Online

NEW YORK —  Director Jake Jaxson continues his year-in-the-making adult film series “Answered Prayers” with today’s release of “The Assumption of the Lamb.”

The 5th installment of the series and the second part of a two-part story centers on a mysterious orphan known only as The Lamb, played by Max Ryder.

According to Cocky Boys’ owner Jake Jaxson, “The Assumption of the Lamb” explores the responsibilities of power and the consequences of fear and its impact on our everyday lives.

“Part 1was released in August andPart 2” is now playing exclusively at The latter features one of Max Ryder's last-ever sex scenes, as well as a special appearance by Dean Monroe, who reportedly agreed to star in the film shortly after announcing his retirement because he recognized “it was more than just another porn scene.”  

The last time fans saw the Lamb in "Part 1," he'd just been expelled from a strict boarding school for attempting to escape after being bullied by his cruel classmates Pain, Cain, and Vain. His benevolent yet frustrated guardian, Moloch, decided to transfer the Lamb to the care of Seth, Son of Snakes (Dean Monroe), thus ushering in a new chapter for the Lamb 

Alongside Ryder and Monroe stars Max Carter, with special appearances by Jake Bass, Duncan Black, Frankie Valentine and Jasper Robinson. 

"It's taken me a year to finish ‘The Lamb,’” Jaxson said. “…Why so long? It's hard to exactly pin point, but sometimes the story needs to find itself or sometimes I need to find the story. In this case I was still exploring the possibilities, complexities and talents of two of 'AP's' main actors — Max Carter and Levi Karter.

“While I have been working with Max Ryder and Jake Bass for the past few years, I've known them, their limits, their ambitions and their will to push their talent beyond all of our expectations. And they delivered — we all worked hard exploring the limits of their personalities and characters."

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