Offers ‘World’s Sexiest Criminal’ $100K

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — It was only a matter of time before offers started coming for “the world’s sexiest criminal,” with striking first.

The company explains that the pictures that have surfaced of gun-wielding Stéphanie Beaudoin are as sexy as anything fans might find in a Hollywood thriller, or an adult film parody, and that social media has already been buzzing with thousands of people crowning her “the world’s sexiest female criminal.”

Now facing 114 counts for allegedly burglarizing more than 42 homes, Beaudoin has the opportunity to start repaying her debt to society by accepting’s $100,000 offer to appear in a video series.

“We understand the nature of the charges Ms. Beaudoin is facing, and we believe criminal prosecution leaves a big gap because, while it punishes bad actors for their crimes, it fails to give back much restitution to the victims of those crimes,” Tim K. of says. “In this case there are so many who lost so much, but the crime spree can have a happy ending, if she accepts the offer and allows us to distribute funds directly to the people harmed by her actions.”

Last month the villainous vixen was arrested in Victoriaville, Canada, and charged with a string of crimes that includes owning an illegal cache of nine guns found in the trunk of her white Mitsubishi Lancer.

According to Tim K., the list of those in need of help to recover from Beaudoin’s alleged actions is long enough to warrant the hundred thousand dollar relief fund.

“It may not be community service in the traditional sense, but earning six figures by showing off her figure in a feature film for porn fans would definitely have some important real world benefits,” Tim K. added. “Our massive audience would be willing to help her stay on the straight and narrow, her victims could recoup some of their tangible losses, and she can start on a path toward redeeming herself by making money ethically as the kind of sex symbol she is capable of becoming.”

While her current charges may take a few months to fully adjudicate, will continue to track this story and the whereabouts of the woman now being dubbed “the world’s sexiest criminal.”

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