ExoClick Launches New Ad Network Admin Panel

BARCELONA, Spain —  ExoClick today announced the launch of Version 3 of its ad network admin panel.

The company said the update has several major enhancements and new analysis tools giving advertisers and publishers access to ”big data” statistics. Clients can see detailed and segmented information regarding their traffic sources and conversions, enabling them to further optimize their campaigns, platforms and revenues.

The new admin panel provides a range of precise reporting tools to analyze clicks, impressions, click-through ratios, eCPM, ad zones, earnings and costs which can then be filtered by: date (today, yesterday, this month, last month and custom dates), country, variation, site, device, operating system, browser, language, category and mobile carrier.

Each analysis is displayed and sortable via columns and segmented pie charts allowing quick data overviews. Clients can carry out CSV data exports to excel sheets for detailed reporting.

In order to implement these enhancements, ExoClick noted that its propriety ad platform now has statistics with data refreshing every 60 seconds, enabling clients to see their budget spend and conversions close to real time while running campaigns.

Additionally, the admin panel is now available in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.

”This comprehensive version update is part of an ambitious development plan. We have invested significantly in hardware and technology to seamlessly migrate all of our systems to a new big data infrastructure. ExoClick’s advertisers and publishers now have unprecedented access to big data sources, giving them the highest level of flexibility and knowledge both in terms of campaign targeting and publisher platform performance,” CEO Benjamin Fonzé said.

He added, “Transparency has always been one of ExoClick’s core values. We want to give our clients all the tools and data they need to increase their revenues and run their businesses successfully. This is only the first step of many new features that will be released in the coming months.”