CCBill Releases New Consumer Email Templates

TEMPE, Ariz. – announced today a series of new consumer email templates have been made available to its merchants within the CCBill Admin Portal. The new templates feature a receipt-like format to help drive consumer trust and enhance the consumer experience.

“When we examined how our merchant’s consumers were receiving information and details about their purchases from our default templates, a couple of things became evident,” said Jeff Adams, director of consumer services for CCBill. “One, we didn’t want to overwhelm them with information that may not be applicable. And two, we had to present the relevant information for that consumer in a way that was easily understandable at first glance. These new templates are built with those guidelines in mind.”

The emails feature a self-contained column that displays line-itemed details about the particular order. The information in this area includes the website the purchase pertains to, the purchaser’s name, the purchaser’s email address, the purchase amount, and a description of the order. If there is any username or password associated with the order, it can also be listed.

Complementing this detail, the main body of the email includes some basic information about the order, how the consumer will see as the payment processor, and contact information for CCBill support.

Additionally, the new email templates are designed to display properly on today’s wide variety of smart phone, tablet, and desktop devices to support mobile and in-home consumers across the globe, the processor said.      

“At the end of the day, we want to do all we can to help our merchants succeed,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president  of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “Studies have shown that consumers trust CCBill which can certainly help with converting sales, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there are not ways to further enhance that trust, and potentially create higher conversions.

“Through their simplified structure and at-a-glance presentation of information, these new consumer email templates are a step toward putting consumers at ease with their purchases.”         

The new email templates are set as the default options for merchants within the CCBill admin portal.

If a merchant is already using customized emails, these new templates will not override them. For more information or to ask any questions about the new email templates, contact CCBill support at or (800) 510-2859.