Iggy Azalea Sex Tape May Be Authentic

LOS ANGELES — Iggy Azalea has changed her tone — and her story — regarding an alleged sex tape featuring her and an ex-boyfriend that was being shopped to Vivid Entertainment.

After staunchly denying that the female depicted in the tape was her, the 24-year-old mega star rapper (and her team of lawyers) issued a very different statement early this morning.

Without making any definitive statements, lawyers told TMZ that Azalea may be the woman in the tape, but she may have been underage at the time it was recorded, and may have been shot without her knowledge and consent.

And her co-star? While Azalea’s lawyers this morning described her onscreen partner as a “spurned business suitor” trying to damage Azalea’s image and career, TMZ just now reported that a Houston-born rapper Hefe Wine has identified himself as the co-star in question.

Wine also says that Azalea was definitely over 18 and aware of the camera when the video was shot.

Although he denies sending the footage to Vivid, explaining that his computer was recently stolen, he did express interest in cutting a deal. However, he would need Azalea’s blessing — and signature — to move forward with it.

Given Azalea’s status an international super star — just listen to the lyrics of her recent hit, “Fancy” — it’s unlikely that will happen any time soon, even if might have potential to blow Kim Kardashian’s tape right out of the water.

"I believe there would be a huge demand for her sex tape,” Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said. “Iggy has proved that she’s an amazing talent. If there is any tape out there that can rival that of Kim Kardashian, this one is it. We are conducting our due diligence and if we are satisfied with our review, we will definitely try to make a deal to distribute the tape.”

Hirsch said yesterday that he had been shown a “teaser” of images of a woman who appears to be the

Australian-born Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

Azalea gained recognition early on in her career for her controversial songs “Pu$$y” and “Two Times.” Vivid noted that the rapper’s delicate skin, lithe body and long blonde hair contributed to her modeling and becoming the face of Levi Jeans.

In addition, Vivid said Azalea was the first female and first non-American to be featured on XXL magazine’s annual Top 10 Freshman cover issue and her list of awards include those from BET, Billboard, MTV, Boombox and others. Last year she toured with Beyoncé and her single, “Fancy,” reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs charts earlier this year.