Grooby Launches 'Grooby Girls' Free Networking Site

BURBANK, Calif. — Grooby Productions has launched a free website,, for transgender models and friends who want to network, socialize and generally be part of the TS community.

Grooby currently produces 180 transgender scenes per month and also hosts the annual Transgender Erotica Awards. As a company that values community, Grooby says it has been waiting to find an appropriate brand and avenue where models could rally and promote each other.

"There is a lot of politicizing going on in the trans genre at the moment, which we're aware of and do support. But there should also be other arenas for the girls just to have some fun and that's why we came up with the 'Grooby Girls' name," Grooby Founder Steven Grooby said. "Grooby is synonymous with trans adult entertainment, so anybody who knows that knows what a 'Grooby Girl' is." is currently running a series of monthly competitions with models submitting photos wearing their Grooby Girls branded T-shirts or temporary tattoos. There is also a sticker bomb competition, with other contests to follow.

The Grooby Girls home page currently features Miah Lovely, a TS model who will be debuting on Shemale Yum this year, in a Grooby Girls crop top (and nothing else) in director Buddy Wood's backyard. 

"We've got thousands of models, fans and industry connected across social networks and our sites, so we thought we'd have some fun," Grooby said, adding that girls who have worked with Grooby or plan to, can get free T-shirts and temporary tattoos. Grooby Girls also offers branded men's T-shirts for Grooby Girl supporters.

Each month contest winners will receive gift cards and other prizes.

“I'm hoping to see girls wearing their T-shirts in public or even with celebrities,” Grooby added. “We've got a number of other collectible items to be released in the coming weeks, including a hot 12-month calendar. We want the girls to enjoy seeing themselves promoted in different places and to get involved, and I believe that their fans will respond well to this."

Visit for more info or check out the Facebook page.