CrakRevenue Launches

QUEBEC CITY — Cost per acquisition (CPA) marketing platform provider CrakRevenue has announced its official launch of premier dating site

Providing leading-edge web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions for adult markets since 2010, CrakRevenue has received multiple awards and recognitions for its innovation and products, the latest of which it now unveils on a premium domain.

“This is the only dating offer you’ll ever need,” says CrakRevenue’s Sales Director, Vincent Fréchette, who calls the new site “The mother of all domain names and the most lucrative dating offers combined.”

Fréchette says that the site automatically redirects affiliate traffic to the most rewarding and relevant offer based on the end user’s location, allowing affiliates to send all of their dating traffic to one site where CrakRevenue will then optimize and monetize it for the best possible earnings per click (EPC).

“We’ve put all our best dating products into one site,” Fréchette explains, noting that is mostly composed of pay per lead (PPL) programs and includes pay per sale (PPS) and revenue sharing payouts on select countries. is currently available for promotion by all CrakRevenue affiliates, by contacting their account manager.

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