JuicyAds Introduces 'JuicyPop' Mobile, Niche Targeting

MONTREAL — “Sexy ad network” JuicyAds has introduced JuicyPop, pop under mobile ad targeting designed to hit niche markets.

According to the company, media buyers can run ads on all niches by default, or select specific niches to narrow in on the best performing traffic sources for enhanced ROI.

“The modern market is all about innovative ways to improve performance and optimize campaigns even better at each step in the process from creatives to placements” said Chris Daily, COO of JuicyAds.com. “With JuicyPop the optimization on a per-niche basis can now be manually fine-tuned by savvy media buyers seeking a competitive edge. Along with mobile targeting, these enhancements give JuicyAds publishers and advertisers even more ways to max out their revenue streams.”

Mobile targeting allows advertisers to run ads across all connection types by default, or to select mobile placement only, which will cause the JuicyPop ad to only appear when a page is reached by a mobile device.

The system offers more specificity with mobile OS targeting, which allows media buyers to focus in on phones, WiFi or broader mobile connection settings, like differentiating "Android" and "iOS," to fine tune where a fully optimized pop under will run.

Comprised of a simple set of tools in an ad panel, JuicyPop gives users the opportunity to personally craft ads using a strict set of parameters, that can be tested, tracked and optimized.

For more info, visit JuicyAds.com.