PleasureText Introduces Rev-Share Cam Toy Network

LONDON — PleasureText has introduced "PleasureText Cube," a wireless toy system that provides a direct revenue stream for live cam performers.

The product allow fans to control a web performer's toys, changing speed, rotation and other toy settings, for the period of time the fan chooses. The Cube also offers a built-in display screen so the performer knows who is remotely controlling the toy in real-time. This allows the performer to communicate with the fan, forming a virtual intimacy.

Company founder Joseph Garcia said he saw a need for live performers on cam and through broadcast stations, like England's Babestation, to make money from the toy shows that are commonly used to generate more fan interaction.

"There are hundreds of cam models that use sex toys in their cam shows — some even use existing 'Interactive' toys. Performers offer toy shows because they know it increases fan interest and interaction. The more time fans spend watching the cam show, equals more money for the performer,” Garcia said.

He added, “But before PleasureText, toy shows never made performers any money directly from the toys they have been using. PleasureText changes that. By using the PleasureText Cube toy system, not only does the performer keep fans watching longer and provides more one-on-one interaction, but the PleasureText Cube bills fans that control a performer's toys directly through our network. That's a revenue steam that was completely untapped, before the launch of PleasureText."

Each PleasureText unit comes with the Cube and two wireless sex toys programmed to respond with the Cube and with the PleasureText application programming interface (API) widget, which installs on the performer or cam studio website. The installation of the API within any cam site is accomplished with a "copy/paste" short code, which allows the fans to access PleasureText's credit purchase gateway and a web interface to control the toys and send the information about the toy commands to the performer's Cube screen.

Garcia said, “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, design is how it works. This philosophy can also be seen in how easy the cube is to use. If you can switch on the TV, you can use this product. All PleasureText units automatically set themselves up through wireless communication with the PleasureText Network. It happens within minutes of plugging the Cube into a standard electric wall socket. This connection signs the Cube assigned to a cam performer into the PleasureText Network, so performers start earning 40 percent immediately."

PleasureText noted that it debuted on U.K.'s Babestation.TV web channel, “Babestation Unleashed,” over the Labor Day weekend in the U.S. Beta testing begins in the U.S. in September.

To view available PleasureText Cube packs, product information and demo videos, visit the official website.