Freedom Acres Resort Welcomes First Adult Video

DEVORE, Calif. — Freedom Acres Resort, the new landed addition to the longtime Freedom Acres swing club, has hosted its first adult video production, the latest edition of the “Swingers Wife Swap” series from director Luc Wylder for Adam & Eve Productions and Fallen Angel.

“The Freedom Acres swing club welcomed our adult production with open arms,” Wylder says. “It was the perfect location for a reality based, swinger production. The staff and owners could not have been more helpful or accommodating.”

“My entire cast and crew stayed on premise at the recently acquired, rustic resort, equipped with pool, hot tub, and individual cabins for 14 people,” Wylder added. “The homemade gourmet Thai food was delicious; the specially decorated swing club made a spectacular backdrop for our amazing orgy, and a great time was had by all. We would certainly go back.”

Freedom Acres Resort is located on I-15 where it joins the 215 on the way to Las Vegas, and has a long history as a nudist park stretching back to the 1930’s when the Oakdale Guest Ranch was established on the site. In the 1960’s it was the home of nude beauty pageants, a tradition that continued into the ‘70s after the park was sold and renamed Treehouse Fun Ranch. In the 1980’s it became Deer Park Nudist Resort and with the recent change in ownership it is now transitioning into an adults-only swing club.

“We let the family-friendly AANR [American Association for Nude Recreation] affiliation lapse,” says Jeff James, a former adult performer who is now Events Coordinator at Freedom Acres Resort. “We welcome the adult industry to visit and to shoot here. I’ll be honest: the property is rustic. We’re kind of rough around the edges, and we’re in the middle of nowhere. We’ll never be Mandalay Bay, but we’re awesome.”

The “Swingers Wife Swap” crew arrived on a Sunday night and shot Monday and Tuesday.

“Monday through Friday the place is pretty much a ghost town,” James said, explaining that scenes were shot at the resort in the pavilion behind the Olympic-size pool and on the pool deck, and at the Dungeon and Orgy Room at the nearby Freedom Acres Club, which offers a bar area, disco, lounge, dungeon and multi-level play areas. The Freedom Acres club also has a full restaurant kitchen that can be used for as a shooting location or for preparing food for craft table and crew meals.

Cast and crew stayed in accommodations at the 44-acre Resort property, which includes a restaurant building with full kitchen, a pool room and adjacent steam room, hot tub, shower room, sauna and locker room with large make-up area. (Although parts of the restaurant building are designated “no-play areas,” that rule does not apply to production shooting.)

“The environment is conducive to adult production,” James says. “If you want to shoot a scene in front of the windows, you can do that and not worry about police driving by. You can leave your equipment lying around wherever you want. When the talent is done shooting, they can walk outside naked. If they want to have friendly sex on the corner, they can. If they want to socialize, they can. You can do anything you want here without worrying about police interference, without worrying about helicopters spotting you shooting, without worrying about fire marshals.”

“This is all private property. Once you pay for the package, you can come in, shoot all you want, as long as you want, wherever you want, with whoever you want, utilize all the facilities all the time. The people here are all sex-positive, and they can be extras if you need extras or make themselves scarce if they don’t want to be photographed,” James explains. “We give a safe place to shoot and a safe place to hang out.”

Freedom Acres Resort is located at 1924 Glen Helen Road in Devore, California.

“If you don’t want to shoot right now, come check it out,” James says. “Performers, production people, shooting people, camera operators. We’re pouring our hearts into this. This is something that we believe in, and we’d like the adult industry to be a part of it.”

Adult entertainment industry professionals can call the office at (909) 880-0803 to arrange visit to see the property. For more information, visit