WoodRocket Spoofs Sci-Fi Series 'Futurama'

LOS ANGELES — WoodRocket.com on Friday announced it has parodied the popular television series "Futurama" with a sexed-up version called "F**karama."

"Prepare yourselves for naughty space crustaceans, naked robots, a sexy Cyclops, and the most luscious live-action cartoon characters in the universe," the site said in announcing the project.
Created by the team behind the XXX parody of "The Simpsons," "F**karama" is an all-female, quite-often naked, live-action Cosplay photo shoot that spoofs and pays homage to the beloved cult classic cartoon.

Photographed by Chad Duerksen ("Weird & Naked UHF," "The Royal Tenendongs"), "F**karama" features models, Vuko, Lily Bergman and Jessica Dawn portraying well-known "Futurama" characters such as Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Professor Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan, and even the red and crab-like alien from Decapod 10, Zoidberg.

Visit WoodRocket.com to see the "F**karama" parody.