Debuts Advertising Widget System

CYBERSPACE — has announced its advertising widget system.

The company said the offering distributes relevant ads across a network maximizing every click through Wordpress or other platforms. The wigdets help deliver the highest possible ROI from each opportunity to properly monetize websites.

“There are some systems on the market that have opened people’s eyes to the possibilities of properly distributed ads already and is the next step up the evolutionary ladder toward success,” CEO Mike said.

He added, “What sets our platform apart from competitors is the fact that every premium quality content ad in our system is perfectly relevant to your specific site contextually. That means you can maximize the value of your ad space in many ways at the same time. Provide better ratios for media buyers to gain recurring ad buys. Let the platform take care of all the ad selling efficiency and gain an SEO benefit by showing visitors items they actually do want to see.”

Advertisers can also take advantage of an API feature that allows mass upload of new creatives in seconds with properly tagged results. Plugz said that at a time when Google is banning all adult content AdWords buys, advertisers can't overlook the next opportunity in contextual advertising for their websites.

The company explained that the platform calibrates creatives to ensure that they always show up on relevant content sites, and its algorithm work better over time with an increasingly large volume of data points that can be derived by post and purchase decisions. Posts are fully automated with statistical tracking.

Plugz noted that ad spots could actually become beneficial to publishers’ own search engine traffic results. Linking can be aligned with an ABC networking strategy to keep visitors on pages, drive new traffic to sites, and earn premium revenue rates for every new click while serving relevant high quality ads. “This is another way to keep your visitors on your own pages longer, while increasing page view metrics and mitigating bounce rates effectively."

For more information on the widget advertising display platform visit The company is also providing a special limited time "PlugzWin" coupon code for free bonus traffic.