Directors Warn of Casting Call Scam

Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — It seems that opportunity is knocking for some aspiring porn performers who have recently received e-mail casting call solicitations.

The problem is, the e-mails aren’t real.

Evil Angel director Dana Vespoli is among those being spoofed in the scam, which involves fraudulent e-mails stating “This is Dana Vespoli, multi-award-winning porn director / actor. Would you be interested to join my cast for my upcoming parody? How could I contact you for more details?”

She asks that prospective performers not respond to these e-mails and to be aware that it is not her that is sending out these mesages.

“I don’t know who is sending these out, but it is not me,” Vespoli explains. “This isn’t how I do business.”

“The best idea is to talk to your agent,” Vespoli adds. “If I am contacting you personally via e-mail we probably already have a relationship and you know that it’s me.”

Axel Braun was also spoofed by someone who recently sent out e-mails soliciting info from porn talent, while Nick Manning was also a victim of fraudulent spoofing.

“There is someone out there impersonating me, booking shoots or attempting to book shoots with girls and then not paying for services rendered,” Manning states, noting that several people on the east coast have been approached by someone falsely claiming to be him. “I am not booking for any content shoots and even if I was, I wouldn’t be doing so on the east coast. I live and work exclusively in the LA area.”

Manning explains that while he does some content trades for his site, he always books directly or with the help of Kelli Roberts, and always with people that know him already, or it is through a licensed and bonded agency, such as LA Direct Models or OC Modeling.

“I’m sorry for anyone who has been taken advantage of by this scam artist, but in the future if you show up on the set and see obviously the person in question isn’t me, you shouldn’t stay for any reason,” Manning adds. “In addition, you should verify in advance any shoot you book.”

Manning suggests tweeting the producer or director ahead of time to verify any bookings.

“Just remember when it comes to your safety and well being, it’s always better to be safe than sorry,” Manning concludes, advising performers to “take just a moment before heading out to meet anyone you are unsure of and check the facts.”