JOPEN Debuts New Product Videos

LOS ANGELES — JOPEN is now offering 12 new product videos, the company announced.

Produced in a more elegant, entertaining, contemporary style, the videos contain upbeat music, a lively voice-over, animated graphics, and are shorter, making them enhance the buying experience.

“Videos that lead to sales conversions are our mission with the new JOPEN product videos,” explained Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN. “We did market research to make them effective at quickly telling the story about each individual product. They are simply stunning to watch and we hope everyone enjoys them.”

The videos can be found on JOPEN’s website on each individual product’s page, the Videos Page, or on JOPEN’s YouTube channel. Another option is an Excel spread sheet with all the embed codes, which can also be found on that page.

“In addition to being great sales tools, the videos can be used to train store employees and educate the end consumer about sexual health and wellness. JOPEN pleasure products are luxurious and packed with many amazing features and benefits that deserve a little extra attention, and that’s what these fabulous product videos achieve,” brand manager Robin Stewart added.

JOPEN noted that it is also creating a series of bonus videos for LUST and ENVY. Hosted by sexologist Jaiya, author of “Blow Each Other Away,” and a Club CalExotics Expert Sexpert, they delve into actual ideas on how to use the product. Produced to compliment the product videos, the bonus videos are longer and more intimate. The first one covers the functionality of the petals on the LUST L5, L6 and L7 products.