Boomer Banks Stars in Episode 2 of 'The Pack' for NakedSword

SAN FRANCISCO — After a strong debut last week from NakedSword's new original series, "The Pack," the second episode is now playing exclusively at

"Backdoor Fitting" features Raging Stallion star and Grabby Awards 2014 Performer of the Year Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon.

Banks plays "Gesh," the leader of a group of sex-crazed artists who are preparing for their performance at world famous New York City Black Party. Curious newcomer Cam Christou spies on Banks' sex crew as they suit up for the big show. In the back of a fetish shop, Cam sees Boomer exercise his power, commanding Leo Forte to punish a disrespectful Marcus Isaacs — before heading off to dominate Dixon in the fashion designer's studio.

"The Pack" was written, directed and filmed by Grabby Awards 2014 Director of the Year mr. Pam. The film's story is inspired by the characters' real lives off camera and the brotherhood they create traveling around the world sharing their sex performance art for thousands of fans worldwide.

NakedSword director mr. Pam remarked, "I love all the boys in the movie! I was honored to be able to capture the genuine passion between Boomer Banks and Seven Dixon during this breathtaking scene. After a week of filming in NYC together we had developed our own 'pack.' This entire shoot was truly a labor of love for the entire cast and crew who worked long hours, braved the icy March NYC cold just to capture the beauty of this tale of brotherhood. I'm so proud of this film."

"Episode 2: Backdoor Fitting" is now playing exclusively at