Adds New Studio Foxhouse Films

NEW YORK — Pink & White Productions has announced the addition of New York's freshly minted Foxhouse Films.

A queer porn collective with a penchant for “dark magic, smeared lipstick and hot fucking,” Foxhouse Films says it does hard femme and soft butch with the aim to blur, define and redefine queer sex with its multigendered and polysexual collaborators.

While the San Francisco Bay Area has long been established as the hotbed of queer porn, the new East Coast collective comes as a bicoastal multi-gendered base for new works that push the boundaries of queer sexual media, Pink & White reps said. 

Inspired by Germany's international porn festival, PornFilmFest Berlin, Foxhouse Films' collaborators got to work, formed a studio and filmed a DP scene that would become their first film.  

Foxhouse Films premiers on Pink & White's VOD platform for indie and emerging adult filmmakers,, with three films, “Fire Escape,” “The Cleaner” and “3 by Three.” 

With three films under its belt, Foxhouse Films is planning future productions and welcomes new participants and collaborators.

"We’re based in New York City, and are interested in meeting new talent as well as people who might be interested in helping with the production side of things," said filmmaker Alyx Fox. "We hope to produce a lot of amazing scenes in the coming year, and to do that we need more performers as well as more people to work behind the scenes." 

To watch Foxhouse Films on, click here.