Fleshlight Releases LaunchPAD

Ariana Rodriguez

AUSTIN — Interactive Life Forms, makers of Fleshlight brand products, has announce the release of its newest accessory, the Fleshlight LaunchPAD.

The Fleshlight LaunchPAD holds Apple iPad as well as a Fleshlight or Flight product enabling the user to enjoy the full Fleshlight experience while enjoying content or communicating live with a friend via applications like Facetime or Skype. The placement of the Fleshlight product in relationship to the iPad allows the user to fully immerse himself in POV pornographic content, the company says.

“Annual tablet sales are now surpassing the number of PC sales with an estimated 70 million iPads being sold across the U.S. in 2013 alone,” said Brian Shubin, COO of Interactive Life Forms. “The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is a great addition to the current Fleshlight owner’s experience.”

According to the company, despite Apple’s public stance on pornography, recent data confirms Apple’s dominance in the tablet market and identified that more than half of porn viewers are now using mobile phones and tablets to enjoy content. The Fleshlight LaunchPAD enables that audience in new and exciting ways allowing for a more immersive experience.

For more information, contact Interactive Life Forms at info@fleshlight.com or visit click here.