Sticky Password Offers New Revenue Stream

LOS ANGELES — With affiliate program owners seeking new revenue streams and ways to monetize traffic, Sticky Password provides a way to turn affiliates into a lucrative source of customers.

According to the company, Sticky Password creates and organizes passwords, simplifying a user’s online life without compromising security by providing automatic logins, one-click form filling, personal data storage and basic collaboration functionality for groups.

Enabling “set and forget” password management, Sticky Password is reportedly in use by security firms such as Kaspersky Lab, to power elements of its own solutions.

Marek Vagner, online marketing manager for Sticky Password, says the product is useful software that serves digital marketers by maximizing the revenue they earn from their affiliates and website visitors.

“Webmasters are already well aware of the importance of password security, and managing many passwords from a wide variety of websites or other digital services can become a big resource drain on operations,” Vagner says. “That makes our product valuable and also puts affiliate program owners in a position to generate revenue from webmasters beyond the sales they send.”

Sticky Password lets users securely access all of their passwords across all browsers and devices, easing the choosing and management of unique passwords, while offering the convenience of one-click logins.

“We hear from many sponsors who are servicing accounts for thousands of webmasters and seeing a surprisingly small return on the investment they make in providing promotional materials,” Vagner adds. “Some consider reverting to closed programs or to forego webmaster B2B traffic to run operations on an invite-only basis. We believe that is a shortsighted approach, overlooking the revenue that can be earned by marketing our product to your marketers.”

Vagner explains that Sticky Password is also a strong offering for website owners seeking to market something different to their site’s visitors, which is not susceptible to piracy or sharing via tube sites, allowing sites to monetize traffic that is currently wasted.

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