TrafficForce Now Offers Brokerage Accounts for Publishers

TORONTO — Adding even more traffic to a pool of more than 12 billion monthly impressions, says it is now brokering deals for publishers with a high-quality pool of media buyers.

The new publisher platform sells ad spots on a CPM basis through the TrafficForce bid system directly to media buyers for use in premium marketing campaigns.

 "The time it used to take publishers to find reliable buyers can now be allocated to generating even more traffic as TrafficForce sells your open ad spots for you more efficiently with detailed reports and state of the art tools," said Ross of "Our publishers also get the peace of mind that comes from knowing we only sell to premium sites, so they aren't asked to provide any traffic to other free sites buyers that might have competed against them in the future."

TrafficForce says it attracts top-quality buyers by providing a large volume of in-house traffic and allows clients to leverage those relationships for their own sites by adding ad spots to the real-time bid system.

Bid increments are fine-tuned to 1/100th of a cent to provide the tightest pricing at every level, and publishers can set specific ad zone pricing. With the Traffic Force tool set, clients are in complete control of every ad impression, including through a mobile control panel.