Adult SiteRunner Supports One-Click Transactions

LOS ANGELES — Adult SiteRunner announced that it now supports one-click transactions on sites that have CCBill and Epoch payment options.

“As the membership model is losing momentum, it is important for our CMS users to offer alternative ways to make purchases. Both CCBill and Epoch offer the one-click feature and each has its own set of unique implementation guidelines,” said Christian Gold, president of Adult SiteRunner. “Webmasters are usually confused on how to properly implement one-click, but we have taken all the guesswork out of it for them.”

Besides purchasing a membership, surfers will be able to buy credits and download scenes, view scenes in the cloud, interact live with models via cam sites, and buy tangible goods such as DVDs.

“Our message is ‘monetize, monetize, monetize,’ and fully utilizing the one-click feature allows you to do just that,” Gold added. “Most payment providers are also extending the one-click capabilities to outside vendors and services. Even though not a lot of sites use the feature right now, it was important for us to offer it standard with our CMS since we see one-click as a major driving force providing additional revenue to webmasters and offering customers the options they demand.”

A live example of the CCBill and Epoch cascade option, along with integrated one-click for both payment processors, is available at  

A demo can also be requested through