Cocky Boys' Levi Michaels Launches YouTube Channel, Interviewed on HuffPost

Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Cocky Boys porn star Levi Michaels last week launched his own YouTube channel to cross over past the adult biz.

Michaels' first video, titled "Life With Levi," is a Q&A about what his fans want to see from the channel, which was developed to reach the masses in lieu of individual Facebook and Twitter answers to fan queries.

His second video, "Eye Can't Even," Michaels discusses his recent medical problem with one of his eyes, among other tales.

Michaels discussed his YouTube launch, as well as current trends for sex workers and porn stars, over the weekend with the Huffington Post.

In the Huffington Post interview, Michaels said that the adult entertainment business has changed dramatically, and for the better, in recent years.

"We've moved into a new age. The way porn used to work was you popped in a video and watched it unfold. Very linear, very standard," he told the Post. "Now, adult entertainment is completely different.

"We're in an very interactive age now, people see actors they like and they find us on all different types of networks and demand to see more. The veil is lifted a little. Sometimes people don't like that -- sometimes people don't want to see me checking into a movie theater, they want to hear me talk about blowing a stranger in the theater bathroom. This new window into our lives is interesting because it's breaking down some stigmas."