Video: Ron Jeremy Makes Plea to Toronto Jewish Film Festival

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Rejected by the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, which purports to accept “only the best of Jewish film,” Ron Jeremy has a made a satirical plea to the judges, who he thinks has given him a bum deal.  

“My name is Ron Jeremy: actor, producer and star of over 2,000 films. As a cinephile, I know what makes great film. But when several of my submissions were rejected by the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, questions arose,” Jeremy says in the clip, running his hand over the surefire blockbuster hit “The Rod Father,” with a cruel “Rejected” stamp slapped on the cover page.

“Were you not aware of the accolades bestowed upon me as a director?” Jeremy wonders, as the camera pans over blurred but still visibly lewd porn awards. “That I’ve worked with Hollywood’s elite? And, of course, that I’m Jewish?”

A dejected Jeremy pulls out a picture of himself as a young boy in tallis and yamakah, beseeching the festival, “I’ll hope you’ll reconsider … do the right thing.”

The minute-long clip was directed Brian Lee Hughes and filmed in luscious black-and-white in some of Hollywood's signature locations.