Bobbi Eden Stars in Dutch Version of 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

AMSTERDAM — Holland-born porn star Bobbi Eden is now starring in the Dutch version of ''Celebrity Wife Swap,'' called "Jouw Vrouw, Mijn Vrouw'' in its native language.

In the show, Eden "swaps" spouses with popular Dutch singer Johannes Rypma, star of “The Voice of Holland” TV show. 

Doubling up her reality duties, Eden already appears on Dutch network television every Sunday night on the Dutch version of "I Am a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!''

"It's been amazing to get so much mainstream attention after over a decade in adult,” Eden said. “A year ago if you would have told me that I would be in two network shows in one week, I would have said you were crazy. It's quite amazing."

On "I Am a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!'' Eden joined nine other Dutch celebrities, including the soccer star Evgeniy Levchenko. Filmed in the tropical forests of Suriname in South America, Eden was subjected to a number of ordeals such as being buried alive with bugs and ziplining through the jungle.

"It was definitely not a picnic flying into a jungle and being subjected to things that I never would do in real life,” Eden said. “I was sick, tired, hungry, abused and had no makeup — it should make for some hilarious footage."

To check out a trailer for the show, click here.

In March, the VNA starlet launched her autobiography through Holland’s leading publisher, Nijgh & Van Ditmar, giving readers a bird’s eye view of her life, along withanecdotes about less obvious aspects of the adult industry.

Eden also remains the face of Dutch webcam site and is will be launching a men's underwear line called Cock & Balls.