Adult SiteRunner Launches New CMS Platform

SAN MARINO, Calif. — Adult SiteRunner has announced the launch of its new content management platform with an innovative feature set.

According to Adult SiteRunner, the core of its system is the Adult SiteRunner Cloud Content Management System (CCMS). It also includes hosting, streaming media servers, CDN streaming, site security, as well as designs for desktop, mobile and tablet sites, among other features.

"We want to help our colleagues in the online adult entertainment industry make the most revenue possible from their video content,” Adult SiteRunner President Cristian Gold said. “There is no how-to manual on properly setting up and running an adult video site. We have all been there at one time or another and we want to help take the mystery out of it all. We want to help our customers make more revenue by doing it the right way the first time."

“We also know that the old all-you-can-eat membership model is an outdated mindset," Gold continued. "Dial-up connections are basically dead. Allowing your customers access to download your entire catalog of video content for one small monthly fee is not where it's at now. People are used to the Netflix or Hulu Plus model of streaming videos for a monthly fee or the iTunes model of buying single episodes for download. With our system you can offer them both of those options and more."

Adult SiteRunner reports to be the first adult CMS to offer an integrated One Click Monetization feature via third party billing companies like CCBill and Epoch. The feature gives customers the ability to purchase and download individual scenes, as well as upgrade their membership without re-entering payment information.

One Click Monetization can also be combined with the company’s new Cloud Stash feature, which extends the monetization model by allowing customers to purchase videos and keep them for playback in the cloud across their preferred devices.

The code behind Adult SiteRunner has been in use since 2006, employed by Gold's Older4Me network of sites. Now Gold says he is “thrilled to offer this product to our industry.”  

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