A10 Cyclone Standalone: Another Stride for Teledildonics

TOKYO — Billed as the world’s first “sexual home appliance,” the A10 Cyclone Standalone from Vorze looks about as big a Dirt Devil and ready to clean … you?

A short clip featuring the bulky, cylindrical device shows a cute young Asian woman “uncapping” it to reveal a pale orifice (think a non-anatomically specific Fleshlight) spinning rapidly.

An updated version of the A10 Cyclone, the Standalone comes Bluetooth-enabled and completely customizable, so that the user can determine the device’s rotation speed and then, if desired, synch them with a specific video.

Particularly open users can upload their data and share it with others online. That way, you might not have to bumble around for the perfect rhythm and rotation pattern to watch your favorite skin flick — it may already be downloadable from your pals.    

Kotaku reports that the A10 Cyclone SA runs pretty steep, retailing for about $300.