Salon Tackles the Issue of 'Escorting' Talent

LOS ANGELES — Escorting — porn’s not so dirty little secret — is the subject of a recent Salon report suggesting that some talent is being forced to have sex outside of filmmaking to make ends meet in what’s a continually shrinking industry.

Talking to performers and industry watchers including Kayden Kross, Mariah Milano, Houston, LA Direct Models’ Derek Hay, industry blogger Mike South, Real Porn Wiki Leak’s Michael Whiteacre and more, the story noted that the combination of less productions and the high demand from fans, aka “hobbyists,” who seek sex with their favorite stars is buoying the escort trade.

Salon reported that top stars could earn $3,000 an hour. Even “providers,”(less known talent) are also supplementing their dwindling on-screen incomes by charging for paid dates.

Some performers are looking at what was once taboo as simply another way to make money, similar to feature dancing.

“If you look at the escort sites, pretty much every porn star is on there. I think pretty much everyone is doing it now,” Houston told Salon.

But the issue of unprotected sex with civilians, and the real danger of spreading STDs on the set — productions’ cardinal sin —was also on the table. Although it was noted that most talent/escorts don’t offer “BBFS” (bareback full service), some do advertise the service on escort sites, and will provide it for an additional charge.

Salon stressed however that the practice is rare, and the few who do offer condom-less sex usually require their clients to submit a clean test before meeting. Whiteacre said, “For sex workers, their body is their business, and it doesn’t make sense to have their bodies fail on them if that’s what’s making them their money.” Hay added, “It would surprise me a great deal if escorts are offering to see clients without a condom.”

Although most studios’ long-standing position was — and continues to be — not to hire talent that openly provide escort services, some are looking the other way, and that’s opened the door for more performers to cash in.

The burgeoning moonlighting could also exacerbate the industry's fight against Measure B.

Kross told Salon, “We’re already barely legal. We’re already fighting so much legislation. There are already so many things against us. To tack on escorting on top of it is not the best idea. I don’t judge girls who do it, and I get why they do … Unfortunately, the industry has come to the point where [many performers believe] it’s not just a free choice and money really does factor into it.”