ZTOD.com Rejects Bitcoin Trend

LOS ANGELES — ZTOD.com announced today in a symbolic statement that it may soon begin accepting payment in goats, but is unlikely to ever accept payment via bitcoin or other so-called cryptocurrencies.

“We have Zero Tolerance for make-believe money that spikes or craters in value on an hourly basis" said Michael Mpahlca of ZTOD.com. "On the other hand, goats have proven to have real value for centuries and can easily be traded for other goods or services in just about every region of the world. When you look at the relevant livestock pricing index you can also quickly see that the goat market, unlike bitcoins, moves for intelligible reasons grounded in logical and trackable analytics.”

Mpahlca noted that while many have predicted the extinction of goats or surmised that themechanization of certain agricultural tasks would obviate the need for goats in the workforce, goat remain integral for clearing fields, providing milk and other tasks.  

"We are taking a pro-goat stance to protect our own interests and the interests of our affiliate webmasters," Mpahlca added. "When someone sends their traffic to ZTOD, they will get paid every penny, euro or goat they are entitled to. Neither their hard earned revenue nor ours will be subjected to the rampant speculation and market fluctuation that plagues the bitcoin world."

ZTOD's anti-bitcoin stance follows closely on the heels of several high-profile studios' adoption of bitcoin payment options. Amongst others, Naughty America, Porn.com, Dominic Ford and SKWEEZ Media have all integrated a cryptocurrency billing gateway for customers.  

For more information about ZTOD.com, contact Mpahlca at M@Ztod.com.