DallasReeves.com, Men.com Ink Model Sharing Deal

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — Dallas Reeves, founder and co-owner of DallasReeves.com/Rare Cargo Studios has announced an agreement with Men.com to loan exclusive models Johnny Forza, Donny Forza and Dalton Pierce for upcoming productions.

“This is the first time that my web site, DallasReeves.com has agreed to loan out any exclusive models but we felt that an association with Men.com/ Mind Geek would showcase the quality of models that DallasReeves.com has to offer,” Reeves said.

He added, “We are looking forward to working with Men.com in promoting these three future stars.”

The expansion of DallasReeves.com /Rare Cargo Studios will see the launch of niche websites that will also include new exclusive models and content, the studio said.

For more information on the agreement email pr@rarecargostudios.com.