Elevated X Unveils New CMS Software Management Interface

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X unveiled a brand new management interface for its popular adult site CMS software at last month’s XBIZ 360 conference in Los Angeles.

The new admin panel features a modern interface with an emphasis on clarity, fast navigation and ease of use.

“The goal of redesigning the admin panel was to make CMS use faster for experienced users and easier for brand new users to figure things out without much need for a user manual,” Elevated X CEO AJ Hall said.

To make the software easier to use, multifeature navigation sections have been combined into their own separate menus. Inline help has also been added to provide insight into data fields and software settings without leaving the page you’re working with. Breadcrumb trails have also been added to make it quick and easy to move within sections and jump to other pages while you work.

Text and field labels have been made more user-friendly and less technical throughout and universal navigation has been made clearer to provide a simplified path to accessing common areas of the admin panel.

“A lot of thought went into this project,” Hall said, adding that "it was important to us that we make major improvements without changing things so much that long-time software customers would be shocked or confused when they logged into their new admin panel for the first time. So far the positive response has been overwhelming. ”

Elevated X is the 2014 XBIZ Software Company of the Year Award winner

To see the new admin panel, click here.