Jiz Lee Heads to Princeton for IvyQ Conference

SAN FRANCISCO — Gender queer porn star Jiz Lee has been invited to present at Princeton University's IvyQ Conference, which aims to create a pan-Ivy League community of LGBTQ students and allies.

The performer will screen a selection of their works on Saturday, Feb. 8 at the Lewis Library for those 18 and over.

In Lee’s "Fucking for Reel" screening this weekend, they will present highlights from their work and lead a Q&A discussion on queer pornography, visibility and sexual media, the performer said.

The union of feminism and porn has become a hot-button topic in recent months, due in part to the release of “The Feminist Porn Book and forthcoming “Porn Studies," a Routledge peer-reviewed journal.  

Having worked in porn spanning queer, indie and mainstream, Lee can offer insight from their experience of “creating a sustainable position from which to express their genuine sexual pleasure on camera.”

IvyQ is a conference that envisions students and allies equipped with the skills to examine “their identities, value those of others and understand intersectionality,” a release explained.