Interactive 'Porngram' Charts Terms Used on Consumer Devices

CYBERSPACE — How often and what porn terms consumers of electronic devices are using is being revealed in a new interactive “Porngram” graph from think tank Sexualitics.

In its accompanying white paper, the group of sociologists, political scientists, and statisticians did a "quantitative analysis of online pornography," crunching the data of nearly 800,000 videos uploaded to Xhamster from 2007 to 2013.

The study's "big data" introduction says, “The development of the web has increased the diversity of pornographic content, and at the same time the rise of online platforms has initiated a new trend of quantitative research that makes possible the analysis of data on an unprecedented scale. This paper explores the application of a quantitative approach to publicly available data collected from pornographic websites.

"Several analyses are applied to these digital traces with a focus on keywords describing videos and their underlying categorization systems. The analysis of a large network of tags shows that the accumulation of categories does not separate scripts from each other, but instead draws a multitude of significant paths between fuzzy categories. The datasets and tools we describe have been made publicly available for further study.”

Decidedly an egghead approach to porn (and possibly a method to grab headlines), and not likely to surprise most adult professionals, the Porngram chart nevertheless details the main keywords and how often they show up on users’ mobile devices, tablets, computers and operating systems.

The tool even breaks down the types of talent (moms, teens, MILFs, amateurs, etc.) being used in productions over the years since 2007.

The PDF of the study is available here.