Sunny Leone's Latest Mainstream Trailer Debuts

BOLLYWOOD — The theatrical trailer for crossover star Sunny Leone’s latest mainstream horror film, “Ragini MMS-2” is set for a Feb. 3 release.

The producers said the trailer would be released simultaneously in theatres in India, the U.S. and Canada.

Leone said she is keen on ensuring that her audiences around the world get a taste of her trailer, which is a full mix of horror, thrill and sex appeal.

The film is a part of what the producers are calling the most successful horror franchise in India and Leone wants to ensure her global audience has access to the content at the same time as her Indian fans.

"Audiences the world over have always accepted me for all the work that I've done and I’m ensuring my work reaches my global audience so that they don’t miss out on the fun and action of ‘Ragini MMS-2,’” Leone said.

The trailer can be seen on YouTube.