MindGeek Developing Playboy Apps for Smart TVs

BURBANK, Calif. — MindGeek confirmed to XBIZ today that it is developing an Android app that can be used to stream Playboy content through Google's digital media streaming adapter, Chromecast, and another app that can stream Playboy content to Panasonic's lineup of smart TVs. 

A MindGeek official said that a Playboy.tv app is currently in development for Android devices and will be released in the spring. The official said the adult entertainment conglomerate plans on submitting its app to Panasonic next month.

While the official wouldn't comment further on company plans with the apps, some of the Android's development was posted online and gave clues what the Playboy licensee is looking forward to.

The Android app, according to screenshots on Behance.net, shows that MindGeek was looking for the ability to beam videos to TVs equipped with Chromecast, a $35 plug-in device that streams content to smart TVs via a wireless broadband connection.

Google, so far, hasn't added adult entertainment content to its Chromecast mix and only has allowed a few select partners to add support to their apps.

Chromecast users currently access Google’s own YouTube and Google Play services, as well as Netflix, HBO Go, HuluPlus,  among other tame offerings.

Officials there have explained this by noting that the Google Cast software development kit, which is necessary to develop apps for Chromecast, isn’t quite ready yet. 

But this year, Google officials have said they vow to open up the software development kit to make thousands of apps Chromecast-compatible.