Cherry Media Releases 2014 Mobile Market Infographic

BARCELONA — Cherry Media S.L. has released a new infographic predicting what the adult mobile market holds for 2014.

The company said its marketing team had consulted with 14 mobile industry luminaries for its infographic data that has now become an annual feature.

Entitled “14 Predictions for 2014,” the chart features insights into the future of mobile erotic entertainment and business strategy including: emerging markets and the introduction of budget smartphones; content value, fitting consumer requirements, localization and regulations; the 4-screen business approach; augmented reality and wearable tech; and M-commerce, alternative billing solutions and the polarization of the mobile market

The information was provided with contributions from Cherry Media, Private Media Group, Afill4You, Spankmo, Amplified Robot, Seriously Fresh Media and more.

“We wanted to create an infographic that provides executives with targeted and expert advice for this highly lucrative business sector,” Cherry Media founder and CEO Julia Dimambro, said.

The infographic can be viewed here.