CCBill Releases New Streamlined Payment Forms

Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today several major updates have been made to its payment forms, as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to provide new ways for merchants to connect and resonate with consumers while accepting payments.

The new forms are available to be used (and now the standard) for any new projects and can be leveraged for credit card, debit and DirectPay payments.  

“Our new redesigned forms come with several enhancements which will help our merchants capture additional sales,” said Jason Kirk, vice president of product development for CCBill. “They feature a completely responsive design that auto-sizes to enable a consistent presentation across any screen; such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop devices.

"The language selection functionality has been enhanced to provide a better experience for consumers, and merchants can apply the forms to different payment types as applicable. They really do help the consumer buy from anywhere, using any device.”   

The new forms also include some modifications to provide a more intuitive and clean check-out process while leveraging the strong recognition consumers have for CCBill as a trusted payment option.

Namely, the 18-year-and-older checkbox on previous forms has been removed and terminology has been updated to address new card and banking regulations. Additionally, the forms still feature auto-sensing of browsers, language, and country/region, to create a smooth and efficient purchasing process.

Some examples of the redesigned forms can be seen at Sample Form 1, Sample Form 2, and Sample Form 3

“The updated forms definitely make things simple for consumers while reinforcing a proven payment system they have grown to trust,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “This of course helps drive more sales for our merchants through the added ease and comfort the forms provide, as a simple buying process often leads to more purchases. The new fresh design and function of the forms is just one more step in our initiative to support the changing way consumers buy, and just a glimpse of what is coming with our new intelligent FlexForms platform, which is in testing now.”

To leverage the new forms, CCBill merchants must update their links and add the new forms to their payment pages. Existing projects may still use the older forms, or can be updated with the new forms.

For more information on the new CCBill payment forms, contact the CCBill support team at (800) 510-2859.