HBO Considers 'Real Sex' Inspired Series

LOS ANGELES — HBO is testing out a new documentary series based on its classic show “Real Sex” that bowed in 1990 and ran through the late 2000’s.  

Reincarnated as “Sex/Now,” the series will reinvoke its predecessor’s style of showcasing two-three docs about some sexual zeitgeist-or-other, interdispersed with random interviews of average Joes/Janes on the street.

"Like lots of young people growing up, I learned a lot about sex by watching ‘Real Sex’," Chris Moukarbel, creator of “Sex /Now” told Vulture. "It was also my porn! It was hot for me as a kid and the more I talked about it with people, the more I realized that this was a common experience that a lot of people had with the show."

The pilot, set to air Jan. 2, will focus on the current cam girl phenomenon and also profiles a young married couple, Emma and Eddie Lovett, who monetized their sex life by broadcasting it on the web.

"On the show, we want to explore sex culture and we want people to be turned on, but we're also interested in these other questions about how people find sexual fulfilment through the Internet," Mourkarbel added.

Should “Sex/Now” get picked up by HBO, Mourkarbel told Vulture that he plans to focus specifically on the effect of the Internet on sexuality, including in-depth looks at hookup apps like Grindr and Tinder. He noted that since the last episode of “Real Sex” aired in 2008, “things have changed a lot.” Cue the VR Tenga...