Girl Candy Films' 'Mother Superior 2' Now on DVD

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AEBN and Girl Candy Films have released their controversial “Mother Superior Volume 2: The Possession" on DVD.

The all-girl erotic drama from writer/director Nica Noelle follows a group of nuns who succumb to the pleasures of the flesh — and even Mother Superior can't help herself.

Rebecca Bardoux plays Mother Superior alongside Young Sister Anna (Mia Gold), who suddenly abandons her vow of chastity and seeks sexual gratification from the other nuns in the convent. Mother Superior is determined to hide Anna's "demonic possession" until vigilant prayer can expel the evil spirit from the brunette. But concerned Sister Margaret (Sovereign Syre) fears for the younger woman's life, and mails a letter to a newspaper reporter (Siri) alerting her to Sister Anna's plight. As Siri investigates the mystery, she uncovers a history of scandal and realizes her own secret lesbian urges.

"The overwhelming fan response to the ‘Mother Superior’ series confirms that religious taboos are some of the biggest turn-ons for viewers," said Jerry Anders, Girl Candy general manager. "’Mother Superior 2’ has been a big hit on VOD and we're excited for the film to take DVD customers on a ride from the heights of ecstasy into the depths of taboo."

"As a former Catholic schoolgirl, I often wondered about the secret lives of the severe-looking nuns at my school," Noelle said. "Now I can really let my imagination run wild, with some of the sexiest and most talented female performers in adult film to help bring my blasphemous fantasies to life."

“Mother Superior 2” is now available on DVD and streaming exclusively across the AEBN VOD network.