Paris Hilton: 10-Year-Old Sex Tape Site Is Cybersquatting

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Paris Hilton, the American socialite and TV personality, has finally gotten around to filing a cybersquatting complaint against, despite the fact that the site has been registered for 10 years., according to records, is privately registered and has been since December 2003. Since that time, the website has offered ways for consumers to find her sex tapes. currently provides links where one can stream the famed "1 Night in Paris" that depicts Hilton having sex with Rick Salomon in 2001 or "Hotel Heiress."

The site also includes historical information on Hilton and information culled from Wikipedia and a link to a CNN interview with the star and Piers Morgan.

Hilton, who has trademarked her name for a variety of products, has complained to WIPO over about 30 instances of cybersquatting in the past three years, making formal filings with the intellectual property organizations over, and

But this is the first cybersquatting complaint against a porn-related domain that actually markets her sex tapes.

Hilton's claim with WIPO, which likely will face an arbitration judge, was just filed and a respondent to the case has not yet been named.