Forbidden Fruits Films Launches New Lesbian Series

MIAMI — Forbidden Fruits Films has announced the launch of a new all-girl series from Girl-Girl Icons, set to debut in January.

The company said it has tapped industry veterans Elexis Monroe and Deauxma to shoot the first reality based series, “Lesbian Training Day, ” that’s in addition to the titles “Who Needs Boys,” “Mother Daughter Lesbian Lessons,”  and “C oU Next Tuesday.”

Forbidden Fruit President and co-owner Jodi West said she came up with the concept when she was faced with a surplus of new female performers that all wanted to try shooting girl/girl films.

"Since the relatively recent launch of our girl-girl movies, and the incredible success they have been having, we have been thinking of ways to vet the new girls." West said. "There's no better way then to team them up with the seasoned pros and see what happens."

Director of Production and partner Jay West explained that the movies have a “different feel” from others produced by the studio.

“Some are going to through the roof, and some are just going to be great. All we know is at the end of the day we can find out who will be good for our lesbian line, and who will not. With stars like Elexis Monroe, you can bet all of these scenes will be scorching hot,” West said.

The studio noted some might have questioned the decision to enter this genre and competitive field, but it moved forward since its new line has taken off. West added that as one of the only girl/girl studios on the east coast, this also gives talent another option than traveling to the west coast to shoot.

Next up for the company is “Lesbian P.I.,”a story line based series that mixes several different vignettes, shot around the country, with action, intrigue, and lesbian sex.

“Forbidden Fruits has made a tremendous mark on the industry in 2013, everything they do sells on every level. From the distributor to the store to the customer, that is why the numbers are high and virtually no returns,” Howard Levine, President of Exile Distribution, exclusive distributors for Forbidden Fruit, said.

He added, “The reason is the content, no one else can do what Jay and Jodi do. The performers love working for them, therefore they get scenes no one else could get. The new girl/girl line will be an exercise in excellence. It will be like nothing else that is on the market."