Elevated X CMS Adds Modernized Video Player

LOS ANGELES — Adult site management CMS software producer Elevated X has added a brand new, modernized video player to its list of standard product features.

Following the company’s recent announcement of the addition of HLS (HTTP live streaming) support, Elevated X has implemented a new video player to offer marked improvement to the playback experience.

HLS makes it possible to stream files on a Flash-enabled PC or an IOS device and new the video player functionality has been added to support this technology.

 “Now rather than pay for a streaming service, Elevated X CMS users can stream videos on their own server and this is included with the CMS for free. Any Flash enabled PC or Mac, iPad or iPhone viewer can seek ahead in a video and no longer needs to wait for download. The benefit to mobile and tablet viewers is huge,” Elevated X CEO AJ Hall said.

The new Elevated X video player is based on the JW Player 6 and includes a new player skin for a much more sleek and modern appearance. Below the surface, automatic bandwidth/quality adjustment has been added to deliver the optimal file for each user based on their Internet connection.

“One of the most exciting additions is an inline video preview within the player,” Hall said. “When viewing a movie if you move the timeline “seek” bar, a thumbnail will appear to give you a preview of the action at that spot in the video.”

Several other changes have been made to further enhance the video playback experience, Hall said. The player window now fills the screen automatically and will scale to a smaller window (e.g.: 320 pixels) for those on an iPhone or a larger window (e.g.: 1024 pixels) for someone on an iPad. This functionality extends to tour video trailers as well as member’s area video files.

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