ZTOD.com Tours Add Mobile Upgrades

LOS ANGELES — Zero Tolerance has announced upgrades to its ZTOD.com website designed to enhance the functionality for mobile and tablet users.

Now, along with the existing "responsive design layout" of the site which automatically optimizes itself to suit the browser of each incoming visitor, the content will also be available on two parallel site tours specifically for mobile and tablet users.

The sites ZTODmobile.com and ZTODtablet.com now combine specific, device interface upgrades and custom-tailored promotional materials to improve site performance and affiliate profitability simultaneously.

"We are really excited about the two new tours because they go beyond what is being offered elsewhere on the web," said Michael of ZTOD.com. "Many sites, including our own, offer a responsive tour that utilizes some of the functionality of portable devices and scales visible real estate to fit smaller screens — but that really isn't going far enough anymore. The ZTODmobile and ZTODtablet sites take full advantage of the interface and design capabilities of specific devices while doing a better job of offsetting their shortcomings to create a fully, richer and more rewarding experience for each visitor."

Along with the new site tours for fans, ZTOD is also making a full set of promotional materials available to suit these specific devices, including FHGs and other tailored marketing materials that make it easier than ever to successfully pitch an adult entertainment product to your traffic across their preferred handheld viewing device.

For more information about the new tours and promo materials, click here.