Alana Evans Featured in French Parenting Magazine

Lila Gray

PARIS —The French parenting magazine "Doolittle" spotlighted Alana Evans in a four-page piece about her dual role as a porn star and dedicated mother.    

“It talks about my struggle as a porn mom in the mainstream world,” Evans told XBIZ.

The article “Maman fait du porno,” which translates to “Mom makes porn” is structured as a Q&A that fearlessly probes Evans, beginning with the emphatic question “How old were you when you had your son?” The pages are speckled with photos of her, always clothed, and her children.

Evans advocates for herself, and for the grander notion that porn stars can ethically navigate motherhood, despite the challenges she faced. She explains that porn was a good means to provide for her family without having to turn to welfare or sacrifice spending time with them.  

Perhaps counter-intuitively, she chose a road of transparency, even explaining her profession to her son at a young age,  “I told my son: You know, films that are on TV late, where people are naked? Well, Mom acts in them.” She said in a pull quote, translated from the original French.

“When friends of my children come to play at home, their parents always know what my job is,” she says later in the piece.      

Still, 15 years and 500 movies later, Evans tells Doolittle she has experienced unpleasantries along the way — with neighbors, in-laws, her children’s classmates and the like.

Evans has taken a public stance on the subject in the past. She guested on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s HLN call-in show last year to answer, again in the affirmative, the question that the recent Doolittle article poses, “Can we be good mothers, while working in porn?”