Elevated X CMS Adds Streaming Video Support

 LOS ANGELES — Elevated X, the 2012 XBiz Software Company of the Year Award, on Tuesday announced it has added video streaming support to its adult site management CMS software product.

The company has added HLS (HTTP Live Streaming). The HLS allows adaptive MP4 video file streaming and seeking ahead, while watching a video on a Flash-enabled PC or an IOS device. It does not require the use of any server modules installed. Elevated X CMS-powered websites will now be able to offer streaming videos to iPhone and iPad users.

“Many of our customers are paying monthly fees for streaming servers or services like Wowza to stream videos," said Elevated X CEO AJ Hall. "Now rather than pay for a streaming service, Elevated X CMS users can stream videos on their own server and this is included with the CMS for free.”

For devices that don't support HLS, the system will still serve a standard MP4 file, allowing the user experience to remain the same as it is now for CMS users with or without Wowza.

In addition to cost savings for Elevated X customers, the company stated that there are some major benefits to website viewers. Most importantly is the ability to adaptively stream to Apple devices, which represent an increasingly important target segment to streaming publishers. CMS customers without the optional video encoding add-on can manually create and upload their own HLS files. For CMS customers using optional automatic video encoding features, source video files are automatically cut into multiple files at different data rates and divided into short chunks for streaming delivery.

“What this means in layman’s terms is that if you use Elevated X to run your websites, your site will automatically deliver the correct size file to a viewer based on their connection speed," Hall said. "The video playback experience will be optimized for each viewer. The video bandwidth/quality adjustment also applies to iPad and iPhone users."

Elevated X stated that this addition is the first of a series of planned steps to make video viewing better for the users that make up the largest adult content buying markets.

For a full list of CMS features and product demo, visit elevatedx.com.