Kheper Games Adds to Party Game Range

Ariana Rodriguez

SEATTLE — Kheper Games has announced the addition of two new games to its party line: Drink or Dare and Party Around the World.

Drink or Dare is a flirtatious party game where game players have to do dares like “Make Out With” or “Dirty Dance With.” According to the company, the hidden agenda behind the game though is that it prompts people to reveal who they are attracted to at the party.

“It works as a fun party game to help your single friends hook up with each other, or it can be played with couples who are hoping to find out if friends of theirs would be up for a little group foreplay,” the company said. “The way out is simple if you don’t want to do the dare, you take the drink penalty.”

Party Around the World is a collection of the drinking games from across the globe, including E-Gae Kin Lau, a card game from Thailand; Freckles from Lithuania and Sopro from Brazil. The set includies 30 games total to choose from.

“Party games should be a very important part of every retailer’s game section,” Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham said. “Everyone knows that couples get into ruts but also friends do as well. A healthy party game offering within an adult game section offers customers a chance to liven up their social lives. It’s a chance to be the life of the party.”

Drink or Dare and Party Around the World join the collection of adult party games offered by Kheper Games, which include the What the F*ck? line, Beer!, and 1000 Drinking Games. For more details on Drink or Dare or Party Around the World, email