Thrixxx Unveils Simulation Software for Microsoft Surface Tablet

Bob Johnson

CYBERSPACE — Sex simulation software producer today unveiled “3DSexVilla” for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet.

The company said recent updates to the new platform triggered the addition that includes a new user interface with virtual touch controls as well as gesture and voice recognition to control the software.

“Being able to virtually touch an avatar’s breast on a tablet touch screen with your real-world fingers creates a whole new kind of connection in the user's mind, and makes the virtual interaction with a sexy avatar more real and intimate,” Brad Abram of thrixxx, said.

Simple touch interfaces in the game allow for one handed control of the in-game virtual sex partner characters, camera controls, playing with sex toys and recording real-time video so the player’s other hand is free to mastrubate.

Users can stroke and touch anywhere on the avatars body in a similar fashion to real-life, and using the touch interface can insert virtual fingers, dildo’s and vibrators to masturbate and tease virtual sex partners by rubbing different body parts on screen.

Users can also use virtual clay to mold, shape and create their own personalized sex toys. They can also edit and create their own porn fantasies with drag and drop animation controls and timeline video and script editor so they can watch the action in real-time and be their own porn video director.

The company added that as a next step for mobile devices and for even simpler hands-free user control, it will enable ‘”Cortona,” the voice controlled virtual assistant Microsoft is pitting against Apple’s Siri.

“Thrixxx’s sexy virtual assistant will be a lot more ’naughty’ than either Cortona and Siri’s corporate masters will ever allow their versions to be, and will be able to answer and interact with users in a whole new way and indulge in topic areas the mainstream boys won’t play in. She will be a lot of fun,” Abram, said.

Thrixxx said it will be also adding touch interfaces to the new multiplayer chat based version of their product available soon in Beta at

A video demo of the Surface Pro version of 3DSexvilla can be viewed at

For more information about the software, email