Marc Dorcel Taps Hervé Bodilis to Step Up Production, Bring New Vision

PARIS — Marc Dorcel announced today the appointment of Hervé Bodilis as head of the company’s art and production departments.

An accomplished European director and winner of numerous adult awards, Bodilis has been tapped to bolster Dorcel’s productions with more high quality content and modern style.

Dorcel said that at a time of global dematerialization, multiplication of broadcasting channels and piracy, the company has decided to enhance its efforts in production, in terms of volume, quality, investment and diversity increasing output from 24 to 36 features a year, with an overall investment increase of 30 percent that will reach 5.5 million euros in 2014.

The studio noted that it is dedicated to overcome what it calls the decrease global production due to the industry’s challenges.

“Marc Dorcel has always swum against the flow,” CEO Gregory Dorcel, said. “We bet on content and on quality when the market massively reduces its investments and when many producers give up in front of the methodical pillaging of their catalogues by tubes and other pirate websites. We believe that the future resides in the unique and ever more sophisticated experience we offer our audience, and that the keys of tomorrow’s industry are brands and content.”

The arrival of Bodilis is testament to its desire to adopt an ever more asserted artistic position, according to the company. Attentive to the audience demands, the director will bring a sense of aesthetics and eroticism and develop a unique editorial line by surrounding himself with some of the world’s top talent including England's Kendo, Canada's Max Candy, Michael Ninn from the U.S., and performer Manuel Ferrara, Dorcel said.

Dorcel will also deploy new projects focused on production, similar to the recent launch of the “Dorcel Club,” which offers its members exclusive on-set live videos, premieres, making ofs, along with new mobile platforms.