The Frisky Asks: 'Wanna Bang James Deen?'

LOS ANGELES — Mainstream media’s crush on James Deen never seems to end, this time finding ways for everyday girls to do a scene with the crossover adult star.

Celebrity website The Frisky reported that Deen has received so many emails from wannabe partners that he created a special section on his site.

The “Do a Scene With James” section includes a special model application that recruits new talent.

“Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen make sweet, sweet love to you? Okay, maybe not sweet, sweet love. Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen rail you from behind until your body explodes in a serious of earth-shaking orgasms? Well, stop dreaming and make it a reality, by applying for the honor of being fucked by the most famous male porn star of the moment,” Frisky writes.

But despite the teen mag feel, Deen’s site cautions that the opportunity is not a contest at all, but actually part of an ongoing casting call.

Deen will shoot with “all types of women” the sites says, and makes it clear that the scene will be widely promoted and distributed.

Aspiring amateurs are asked to submit current, clear, and straight on photos and one full body that doesn’t have to be nude.

“Thanks y’all and we look forward to shooting some porno with you!, “ Deen’s site signs off.