CCBill Merchants, Affiliates Benefit With New Admin Portal

Rhett Pardon

TEMPE, Ariz. — Global payment provider CCBill announced today that its merchants and their affiliates are now able to immediately see a variety of vital data right when they log in to the CCBill Admin Portal.

Receiving at-a-glance and actionable business information is as easy as logging in, company officials said. 

“Making valuable transaction data sets readily available is an ongoing strategic goal for us, and the release of the recent reports through FlexStats and updates to the Admin Portal are just the beginning of our drive to implement user interface mechanisms to provide fast, detailed and accurate information our partners need to succeed in this market,” said Jason Kirk, vice president of product development for CCBill.

The new Quick Stats view is now the first screen available to merchants and their affiliates after login to the CCBill Admin Portal.

The instantly available report includes interactive graphical formats for Merchant Transactions and Affiliate Transactions, depending on who is logging in.

Within each, a range of data is displayed showing everything from current day’s income to weekly, monthly, or year-to-date numbers. Users can also view country transaction data complete with world maps and the corresponding sales distribution.

“Let’s face it. Operating and managing an online business takes time and time is money ,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales and Internet markets for CCBill. “Immediate access to detailed payment stats supports smart business decisions about the bottom line for both the merchant and affiliate. I am excited about how this new report empowers new markets, new opportunities and most of all — new sales.” 

With CCBill’s Admin Portal, in-depth analysis of transaction data can still be performed, drilled into and exported at whatever level of detail may be needed, company officials said. 

For more information contact CCBill’s support team at (800) 510-2859.