Sears Has Discreet Online Adult Store

CYBERSPACE — One-stop tool and appliance megashop Sears has quietly added adult lingerie and fetish wear to its online store. Yes, the iconic 1950s strip mall anchor now operates a virtual sex shop.

A blogger for Jezebel noticed an unlikely link on, one that led to a page featuring a men’s adjustable leather harness.

But the male harness is only the beginning: visit that page and you will be directed to related links that, in sum, represent Sear’s understated adult shop. Adjacent to the harness link is a leather “spanking skirt.” Scroll down and you will find a leather collar with pre-attached chains.

As Business Insider reporter Jim Edwards pointed out, it appears that at some point Sears decided to carry the complete brand line of Elegant Moments, a company best-known in the mainstream world for its Halloween costumes, but equally accountable for a range of sexy lingerie and adult toys.

Sears made no formal announcement about the addition of Elegant Moment’s racier products and does not advertise an adult section as a main category on its website’s homepage.

Perhaps this is Sear’s latest attempt at company survival; After all, Edwards notes in his report that hedge fund investor Eddie Lampert has been trying to save the ailing business for years.